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Your backup job fails. You get an email. No damage is done.

Monitoring your cron job just takes one line of code:

curl -fsS https://app.pingmy.tech/ping/d7614594-a707-4039-8ae2-947e5b1134ac > /dev/null

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Why do you need task monitoring?

Background tasks such as backups or data processing workflows often fail silently. With our monitoring solutions, you are notified about such failures and can take actions proactively.

Simple Configuration

Add one line to your application code and you are good to go.

Execution History

Monitor each successful execution of your tasks immediately in a detailed event log.


Get notified using your usual channels: Email, Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams and more.

Beautiful Dashboards

Monitoring dashboards should not be painful. Say goodbye to UIs from the 90s.

Unlimited Monitorings

Monitor as many tasks as you need. We are here to scale with your business needs.

Maintenance Windows

Let us know when you expect downtimes so we will not send you false positive notifications.

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